How does playing bandarQ with the same opponents over and over again affect your game outcomes?

Playing bandarQ online is one of the most fun things to do these days. Over hundreds and thousands of people worldwide engage with the BandarQ games on the internet on regular basis. Despite the number of players engaging in online gameplay being very high, it is rather odd that the number of players who are actually successful with the BandarQ games is relatively low. There are many reasons for this being the case and one of them is playing the game with the same opponents over and over again.

How does playing with same opponents effect gameplay?

It is often confusing and many people fail to understand how playing BandarQ games with the same set of opponent players will affect your game outcomes. After all, it is never even thought that the opponents can have any role to play in your winning or losing of the game. However, it surely does impact the game outcomes. In this article below, we take a look at how playing against same opponents will affect your game outcomes and results.

  1. Your gameplay becomes predictable

When you keep playing against the same set of players, it is common for your gameplay to become very predictable. The opponents are able to judge your gameplay based on a similar pattern that you employ each time for gaming.

  1. You can only be creative and innovative up to a point

The only way you can do well against the same players every time you play is if you can be innovative or creative enough. However, there is definitely limit to which one can be creative.

  1. You become overly friendly with the opponents

When you play with the same people repeatedly over a period of time, you can start to become a little too friendly with them. This comfort level is not good for your game.

  1. The opponent learns about your strength and weaknesses

The more time you spend playing against the same players, the more you become obvious to them. The opponents start to learn about your strengths and weaknesses which he can use against you in the game.

  1. The opponent has all the power to manipulate you

Using your style of playing and your strengths and weaknesses against you, the opponent players will have the power to manipulate you during the game in order to make you do badly.